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Student exchange programme

Student exchange programme

Student exchange scholarships are programs that allow students to study for one or two semesters at a university other than their home university. At the level of Turkish universities, this exchange may be with another university inside Turkey or outside Turkey, so Turkish universities send students who are eligible for student exchange scholarships, and in return they receive students from other countries, depending on state agreements and contacts with different universities. 

The applicant or accepted in one program cannot apply to another program, and the student must pass the courses that he will receive in the foreign university, and they are counted in his original university within the hours that he must take to complete his studies.

Exchange scholarships benefit students in several ways. On the cognitive level, students have the opportunity to learn about other cultures and worlds during this time, as well as gain information and knowledge from other sources. Other than the ones he used to in his original university, not to mention the opportunity to learn a new language and install other languages, if any. On the social level, students are ready to make friends from different countries and broaden their horizons. And on a psychological level, this is a good opportunity for travel and tourism in addition to studying.

The most popular student exchange programme 

Erasmus+ (Exchange program between European countries)

Mevlana (exchange program between Turkey and all countries of the world)

Al-Farabi (Exchange Program between Local Universities)

The most important exchange programs available for foreign students in Turkey:

Erasmus programme

 It is a student exchange program established by the European Union, and includes 33 European countries, including Turkey. Turkey receives and sends students from and to European countries to study in the universities registered in the program. All students in Turkish universities, whether foreign or Turkish, can register for the program as long as they complete at least one semester in an undergraduate or postgraduate program. Of course, the applicants must pass several conditions. The first is that their cumulative GPA is 2.20 out of 4.00 for undergraduate students, and 2.50 out of 4.00 for postgraduate students. They also have to pass the English language test. In the end, the students with the highest scores are selected, and there is no specific number for each university, but the number of students Scholarship winners are governed by the number of seats allocated to this university. The program grants students a monthly salary throughout the exchange period ranging between 200-500 Euros, while housing costs may be borne by the student.

Mevlana program

  Mevlana Program is an exchange program that allows students and teachers to exchange between Turkish universities and international universities. It provides opportunities for cooperation to achieve joint activities and programs among partner universities. It is a program established by the Turkish Ministry of Education, where students are received and sent between Turkey and many Asian and Arab countries, as well as some European countries. As with the Erasmus programme, students must pass a foreign language test at a certain average. The grant also includes a monthly stipend for the duration of the project.

Al-Farabi program 

It is an internal Turkish student exchange program where students are exchanged from one university to another within Turkey for one semester, with all costs paid. As with previous programs, a GPA is required here, but there is no need to take a language test or the like. The student can increase the duration of the program to two semesters, but the second semester is non-paid.

Associate and undergraduate students must have completed their first year and have a GPA of at least two out of four. Graduate and PhD students must have completed their first semester (they cannot apply in science and prep) and have a GPA of at least two and a half out of four.

Student exchange programs are very useful in terms of providing students with the opportunity to receive education in a different academic environment and from a variety of sources, and to increase their communication skills by communicating in a different social environment and getting to know many new people and friends, and gaining information about the historical, cultural and geographical characteristics of many places that they visit in general.

In addition to all this, we do not forget the impact of this experience on the student’s personality in terms of developing the ability to adapt and developing various skills such as communication skills, and the impact of all of this on his life in general and his academic and professional life in particular.