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Student housing in Turkey

Student housing in Turkey 

Turkey is one of the favorite destinations for many students to complete their university studies because of the many advantages that Turkey enjoys, so it would be good to know the necessary information about student housing in order to be able to choose better.

Types of housing in Turkey available to students

1- Governmental student housing:

This type of hostel belongs to the KYK Foundation affiliated with the Ministry of Youth and Sports, and it is spread all over Turkey, and its number is estimated at about 400 student residences and more than 370 thousand beds. This type of hostel is closed during the summer vacation periods, and a few of them remain open for the summer seasons.

Advantages of government housing: 

• It is available in abundance and at a reasonable cost. It provides all the basic needs of the student and is within or close to the university.

• Security and guarding around the clock.

• Providing internet service and separate study rooms.

• Washing machines, drying and ironing machines.

• Meals for students.

Disadvantages of government housing:

Admission is usually for Turkish students, and there is a small percentage of foreigners allowed to live in this type of housing.

2- Endowment housing:

This type of housing belongs to the Turkish Religious Endowment or one of the charitable institutions and associations. The most important characteristic of this type of housing is that it is more committed and its laws are fixed, strict and not subject to discussion. The supervisors of these housing provide students with a set of religious seminars and lectures. As for the students of these hostels, they are carefully selected after conducting an interview with them and making sure of their good morals, behaviors and commitment. This type of housing is widely available in three major cities, namely Istanbul, Antalya, and Izmir.

Features of endowment housing:

This type is one of the most common types of housing in which security, safety, and commitment are available, and it has its own rules and controls.

Disadvantages of endowment housing:

The strict laws followed in this type of accommodation do not provide the comfort that the student needs to study, complete his academic career, and study his lessons.

3- Private housing:

It is a group of student residences that provide a more comfortable and calm atmosphere than the rest of the student residences and are often located in places close to universities so that it is easy for students to go to their universities without much trouble. This type of accommodation is under the management of a group of private companies, which in turn try to provide the best amenities for students.

Private housing cost:

The costs of private housing vary from one city to another and from one room to another based on several things, so if you want a private housing insurance service, all you have to do is contact the Academicist team, which in turn will give you the best options.

Advantages of private housing:

• It provides the student with all the means of comfort and luxury that the student needs

• Private residences are better than others in providing students with privacy and independence.

• There are places for washing and ironing clothes.

• There are different types of rooms whether single, double or triple

• Provides daily meals for students.

• Availability of Internet service and the presence of designated places for study

Disadvantages of private housing:

Relatively high cost compared to other types of housing. In addition to the price difference based on additional services, room type, etc.

4- Youth housing:

It is apartments for young people, whether students or foreign youth working in Turkey, this type of housing is very popular with students with limited income due to its low cost, where a group of students can all participate in renting one house or apartment for them and sharing the rent together Which makes the cost very low compared to other housing solutions in Turkey.

Advantages of youth housing:

Low cost compared to private housing. 

The rent includes the cost of bills (water, electricity, gas, internet).

Disadvantages of youth housing:

• Equipping this type of housing is costly at first because it is necessary to pay an amount for insurance and fully furnish and equip the house.

• It does not have any kind of privacy.

• All bills must be paid every month for electricity, gas and water. 

5- Tourist accommodation: 

It is an apartment that the owner rents on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, and it is often excellently furnished, and the tenant pays the rent, and the rent is mostly inclusive of everything from bills and other things. Therefore, the price may be relatively high compared to other types.