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Residence in Turkey

Turkey is one of the best countries for living and stability, and this is due to several things, including:
  • Political and social stability that makes Turkey a fertile ground for foreigners from all over the world.
  • The recent economic growth, due to investments and infrastructure development, has attracted Turkey over $15 billion in foreign investment.
  • Preserving the rights of foreigners and the absence of any racism in dealing and no discrimination between the foreigner and the Turkish citizen.
  • Turkey is an Islamic country and is characterized by the Arab Islamic character, which attracts many Arabs for the purposes of study, investment, stability and living in Turkey.

Tourist accommodation in Turkey

It is a residence permit issued to those who wish to stay in Turkey for one or two years for the purpose of exploring the country and searching for investment opportunities. It does not qualify for citizenship and the family cannot be added to the same residence, as it is a separate residence for each family member individually

Work residence in Turkey

It is the residence of the owners of companies or employees in Turkey, and its holder is entitled to obtain citizenship if they stay in Turkey for five years without leaving except for 180 days during the five years. The work permit is obtained by the husband, wife and children under 18

Student residence in Turkey

It is a residence that the student obtains by joining the university and does not require entry to Turkey through a student visa.

Real estate residence in Turkey

Residence is granted to real estate owners and it is called the title deed residence, which is the title deed of real estate in Turkey.

Living and housing costs
The cost of living varies according to the city chosen by the resident, for example, the cost of living with a good standard in one of the major cities such as Istanbul and Ankara may reach approximately 700$ per month, and this amount increases or decreases according to the individual’s personal requirements, and is considered an average amount compared to the costs of living in the United States and most of Europe. The Arab resident can rely on the Arab products available in the Turkish markets to a large extent, such as Arabic bread, rice and spices, and there are also a number of restaurants that prepare authentic Arab food at a not high price.
The best and cheapest cities to stay in Turkey
Most of Turkey's cities enjoy the beauty of nature and the warmth of living. The most prominent of these cities are Istanbul, Ankara, and Bursa, which is considered one of the most beautiful tourist cities in Turkey. As for the cheapest Turkish cities to live in, which the expatriate can resort to at first: Mersin, Konya, and Hatay, which enjoy charming nature and a fairly cheap standard of living, but are far from the capital.
The most important job opportunities for Arabs in Turkey
Turkey is an attractive country for different nationalities, and this creates more job opportunities in various institutions, companies and factories in Turkey.
For example, there are job opportunities for expatriates in Turkey in translation. If you know the Turkish language and are able to it, you will find more than one job. It is also possible to work in jobs in various engineering disciplines in sites and companies whose number is increasing every day. There are also multiple opportunities to work in tourist cities in management, public relations and marketing, as well as job opportunities in restaurants, cafés and hotels that require a lot of young people to meet their needs.
Travel and study in Turkey
Thousands of students come to Turkey annually to study in the distinguished universities there. Many Turkish universities have obtained high ranks in the global ranking of universities and have carved their name in the minds of students from all over the world thanks to their advanced level of education, as well as the modern curricula and practical training in the equipped laboratories. .
One of the best cities for students to visit is Istanbul, the ancient city that combines Western development with Arab authenticity, and also includes the most distinguished Turkish universities such as Bahçeşehir University, Kadir Has University and Altinbas University. Ankara is also one of the most popular cities for students, as it is the most vibrant Turkish city.