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public universities

Turkish public universities

Turkish public universities are among the best universities in the world in terms of quality of education and diversity of cultures

The Turkish state, like all other countries, where the levels of its universities range from the humble to the very advanced, which have a high international rating and have their names among the countries of the developed world. However, what distinguishes Turkey is the huge number of universities, which are nearly 200 between public and private universities, and thus the diversity and strength of its universities increases.

Turkey includes some major universities that do not accept a high school certificate without its own admission test, or some other universities that recognize their acceptance test, which is called the YOS test, but this does not mean that they do not require a high school certificate, as the high school certificate is one of the necessary conditions for admission to these universities, but it is tolerable. Regardless of the grades you obtained in your certificate and do not take them into consideration in the comparison for the seats of its faculties and departments, but your grades in the entrance exam (YOS) are what determines the department you will join.